Hows it built?

This website is built on an ASP.NET MVC based open source Orchard Content Management System.

Front End


I have developed a personal orchard cms theme for this site. It uses Bootstrap 3 (UI Framework). I have used Bootswatch Flatly theme which nicely themes Bootstrap 3.

  • Bootstrap 3 (Bootswatch Flatly)
  • Orchard View Templates are overwritten in this theme.
  • Uses FontAwesome for icons.
  • Using LESS
  • Using Grunt in Visual Studio
    • Grunt allows to easily compile LESS, minify, auto-prefix for various browsers and bundle it up.

Back End


  • Core Orchard
  • Orchard Layouts for Pages
  • Blog
    • Cloud Tag
  • Search
    • Lucene
  • Anti-spam
  • Dyanmic Forms

Custom Modules:

  • Orchard Social Meta Tags
  • Modules I developed for this
    • SEO Meta Tags
    • Share This Widget

If you have any questions, please reach out to me.